Temple Grandin Says “Always Be Nice”

We ask people for the words they live by… no pressure.

Author by Theresa Fisher
Art credit: Megan Schaller

Temple Grandin is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University. But she’s also an author, speaker, and inventor — you’ve probably heard of her “hug machine” or seen the HBO movie about her life where she was played by Claire Danes. And, as a leading figure in the neurodiversity movement, Grandin is a champion of brains that are “different not less.”

Grandin took a minute out of her busy schedule to impart some, random, wise words. We were happy to receive them. 

Advice for career-climbing:

“Recently I learned from a person who had great personal difficulties that she excelled in her career when solving her personal problems paved the road to [her] dream job. To overcome hardship, there needs to be a goal.”

… for success:

“When a great opportunity occur… be bold and walk through the door.  Many people are afraid to advance when opportunity knocks.”

… for everyday use:

“Always be nice.”

… from a boss:

“When I first started my career, a kind boss told me that you have to persevere.”

… from a stranger:

“When I was in my 20s and weary from traveling, I complained about being tired to a lady at a car rental counter. I will never forget when she said, “sadly, I have never traveled and would love to travel.” She made me realize how lucky I was.”

… from childhood:

“When I was in kindergarten, a wise teacher urged me to always do my very best.”

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